Request Information Package


Making an application

1. Application for enrolment of a student can only be made on the Application for Enrolment
a) Non-refundable application fee.
b) Copy of the prospective student’s birth certificate, extract of birth entry, or passport.
c) Passport sized photo of the child.
d) Copies of latest school reports and those of the past two years, plus any state or national testing results (if applicable).
e) Any reports (including medical or educational specialist reports) which refer to your child’s behaviour, aptitude or medical conditions.

2. The decision about the enrolment of any child is made on the basis of full and complete information being provided to the College, plus a successful interview with the Headmaster or his delegate.

How the College reviews the application

1. Placements in the College are prioritised on the basis of any or all of the following:
a) Siblings of existing students.
b) Students returning from an approved leave of absence.
c) Date of receipt of application.
d) The quality of the reference from the child’s current school using the form provided.
e) The Headmaster’s assessment of the child’s capacity to make a positive contribution to the College.
f) Results of a needs analysis conducted by staff at Saint Stephen’s College.

2. Places in the Preparatory (Prep) year will be confirmed on a date publicised by the College.

3. Offers for placements in other intake years are made as early as possible in the year prior to entry.

4. Information evenings, tours of the College and enrolment interviews are conducted the year prior to entry.

5. If a vacancy arises throughout the year in any year level, the Director of Enrolments will contact the next family on the waitlist (prioritised according to point 1 above) to organise a formal interview with a senior member of the College staff (this can be with the Headmaster or his delegate).

Enrolling, paying deposits and fees and withdrawing a child

1. If an offer of enrolment is made, parents are asked to pay the remainder of enrolment fees and amend any personal details which may have changed since completing the enrolment form. Formal confirmation of enrolment, in writing from the Headmaster, will be sent shortly thereafter.

2. If a child does not commence at the College:
a) Application and enrolment fees are forfeited.
b) The enrolment deposit is forfeited.
c) The Old Scholars’ fee is returned.

3. Once a student commences at the College, ten school weeks’ notice in writing, is required before a student is withdrawn. If appropriate notice is given, parents are eligible for the return of the enrolment deposit. Failure to provide such notice will result in the forfeiture of the enrolment deposit and the payment of ten weeks’ tuition fees.

4. If a student leaves the College within their first year of study, the Old Scholars’ fee is refundable, upon written request.

5. Enrolment deposits can become a voluntary donation to the College on a student’s graduation from Year 12. These donations to the Building Fund are tax deductible. Parents will be invited to donate their enrolment deposit during the year their child studies in Year 12.

6. Enrolled students and parents are expected to comply with all relevant College policies. The Headmaster is authorised, after consultation with the Chairman of the College Board, to terminate the enrolment of any student or to prohibit access to the College by any parent who is in breach of these policies.

7. If the marital status of parents/guardians should change during the time a child is enrolled at Saint Stephen’s College, the original enrolment agreement (signed by both parties at the point of enrolment) will apply until such time as both parties request a change of status or a court designated custodian of the child requests such a change. This request must be made in writing to the Headmaster, via the Director of Enrolments.

Needs Analysis is a series of assessments that identify the correct entry point of a child (from Year 1 onwards). The results of the analysis are used to determine whether or not the child will require a program of learning support and allow the appropriate staff to provide such a program as soon as possible. Parents should note that the College is committed to providing the appropriate service with its available resources. In order to do this the College has applied a quota to the number of students who can be provided with separate learning support in any year level. If your child is identified as requiring support he or she will either be:
a) Offered a place at the College and enrolled in the learning support program if spaces are available; or
b) Offered a place at the College and placed on a wait list for the learning support program; or
c) Not offered a place because the College will be unable to provide the appropriate resources.
Enrolled students are given preference for learning support. The College understands that you must consider the best interests of your child. Consequently, if you are offered a place at the College but he or she is waitlisted for learning support and you decide not to accept the offer of enrolment, your enrolment deposit will be refunded.

Enrolment fees payment timeframe

1.Application Fee – Paid when applying for Enrolment (non refundable)

2. Enrolment Fee – Paid when place is offered (non refundable)

3. Enrolment Deposit – Paid when place is offered (conditionally refundable). Domestic students only.

4. Old Scholars’ Fee – Paid when place is offered (refundable ONLY within first year). Domestic students only.