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Welcome to Saint Stephen’s College

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Saint Stephen’s College. It has been my privilege to be the Headmaster of our school since 2003, and during that time I have witnessed a remarkable transformation in our learning facilities, the way we approach teaching and learning, and the opportunities available to our students. It is always a great pleasure to walk through our grounds and chat to our students.

I love seeing their smiling faces and hearing their stories about their activities in and out of school. So many of them are involved in a range of activities that were never offered to me as a student, and they have developed skills that are the envy of many adults.

To quote a line from our College Hymn, we want our school to ‘be a place of fellowship and learning’. The fellowship is important in its own right, but it also forms the foundation for learning. As I have often said, I want students to leave the campus at the end of the day with a smile on their face, and their brain hurting a bit because it has been exercised.

We can achieve these things if we support each other. Each of us has different lives, but I hope we all have a common set of values and a shared determination to build talented, fun loving, considerate, courteous, committed and confident young people. We can be assured of this outcome if we work together. Each family who joins us makes us stronger, and we aim to return the favour.

Jamie Dorrington
BADipEd(Econ, Macq), MA(Politics, Macq), MEd Admin(UNSW), MBA(Bond)