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Some things make learning easier; things such as a great teacher, a friendly and safe environment, bright and colourful classrooms, and well-groomed grounds and physical environment. We are lucky at Saint Stephen’s College that we have all of these and more. Our quest has been to add to these fundamentals to enhance teaching and learning.

Our rich online learning environment provides many resources at any time and from anywhere, with around 50 per cent of Senior College students using it on weekends. We are creating even more technology-based resources to enhance learning.

Our students have embraced the technology and eLearning programs implemented throughout the College, so much so that it is just a normal part of their day – which really puts them at the forefront of technology adaptation and of their generation.

Our eLearning program has been designed to prepare students for a dynamic, digitally based future and has gained both national and global recognition. To find out more about our eLearning at Saint Stephen’s College read ‘The Australian’ article St Stephen’s: enhanced eLearning about more than technology


Saint Stephen’s College offers academic courses that have modern technology infused into them. In addition to in-class technology support, the College also provides extensive technology-training programs for staff and students. The technological environment at Saint Stephen’s College provides a fast and reliable network that incorporates:

Drop in to see these amazing resources

Feel free contact the College to organise a time to visit and view these examples of technology enhanced learning.


Online learning lightboard

Imagine being able to watch your teacher explain a complex concept in the same way he or she does in class, but online whenever you want and wherever you are. This is now possible. The lightboard provides a ‘human’ experience, with the teacher’s gestures and expressions visible. Students can replay the lightboard explanation as many times as necessary.

The latest teaching technology

Virtual Reality

We have introduced Virtual Reality using an Oculus Rift to the College. This allows students to experience a wide range of situations that would normally be inaccessible, including; a space walk on the International Space Station, exploring the human body (e.g. traveling through blood vessels), visiting a global renowned art gallery.

3D Science

Getting a real insight into many things, such as cells and body systems, is difficult. Pictures in text books are flat and unrealistic, but have been one of the few options available. We now have a large screen 3D television that runs 3D software. Students can wear special grasses and can ‘look inside’ body cells, a beating heart and other organs. Thus, they get a more realistic ‘picture’ of how systems really work, and this shows by the look on their faces.

Augmented reality ‘sandpit’

Playing in a sandpit takes on new meaning with this piece of technology that we have just completed. Complex geographical modelling can now be done instantly, creating mountains, valleys, seas and more; rebuild the ‘sandscape’ and the contours, and ‘landscape’ are redrawn. Virtual rain or a virtual erupting volcano can be created with the movement of a hand thanks to the power of high tech sensors. Contours on landscapes become instantly obvious to students, eliminating a common conceptual difficulty. This device amazes all who use it.