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Congratulations Class of 2016 on your outstanding results

Saint Stephen’s College congratulates the Class of 2016 students on their outstanding OP results.

Headmaster Jamie Dorrington says he has come to expect Saint Stephen’s College graduates to perform very well, but the 2016 graduates positioned themselves towards the top of the state.

He said that while he was celebrating another great set of results, he always focused on individuals.

“I want every student to believe their work has been appropriately rewarded. We always have a disproportionate number of OP 1’s, but I also congratulate students who did their best, regardless of their OP,” said Mr Dorrington.

“I am proud to lead a school that is at the forefront of education nationally.” • Three students received an OP1: Sarah Bishop, Luc Saint Clair and Sam White • OP 1 equivalent (due to LOTE and/or Maths C): Vaughn Campbell (OP 3), Keagan Kirkwood (OP 2), Georgia McCreedy (OP 2), Mackenzie Oliver (OP 2) and Alexandra Shatilova (OP 2) More than 90 percentage of students received an OP between 1 and 15: • 1-5 34.67% • 1-10 73.33% • 1-15 90.67% “It tips off a great year which has included seven awards at the Gold Coast Theatre Awards for our 2016 musical Into the Woods, plus the 'Gold Palm' Award for the most nominated production across all categories, among many other awards this year,” said Mr Dorrington “I can say with confidence that we have one, if not the best, performing arts programs on the coast, one of the best international programs in the state, we are internationally recognised for our integration of technology and have amongst the best learning facilities in Australia. I invite everyone to discover the diamond that is Saint Stephen's College.”

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