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Saint Stephen’s College Students meet HRH Prince Edward

    It was a ‘right Royal visit’ to Brisbane recently for nine Saint Stephen's College students who attended the address by HRH Prince Edward of Wessex, the third son of Prince Phillip who with Kurt Han, started the Duke of Edinburgh and Outward Bound programmes.

    Saint Stephen’s College Duke of Edinburgh Programme Coordinator, Shelly Spargo, who accompanied the students on the royal visit, said outdoor experience was an important part of the College’s approach to education.

    “Learning while experiencing outdoor activities allows students to develop self-esteem, confidence, leadership, teamwork and life skills,” said Miss Spargo.

    “At Saint Stephen’s students have the opportunity to take part in a number of outdoor education programmes including the Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Goda Foundation’s Outward Bound.

    “We certainly were lucky enough to attend the royal address held in Brisbane. It was a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

    “The day’s events included an address by HRH Prince Edward himself and also the opportunity for one of our students to represent the school in a meeting with the Earl; his Royal party and other esteemed guests. Tom Kerrigan (Year 10) was given the opportunity to discuss his Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, trips and experiences with HRH Prince Edward and a number of other highly regarded members of the community.

    “It was a wonderful experience and opportunity the students aad me; something they will not forget. We certainly were not missed in our burnt orange blazers in a sea of navy blue and grey. I realise we say it often but I always feel I need to, there is something special about a Saint Stephen’s College student. The way the students take on the challenges and opportunities, the way they present themselves and respect each other and those around them really is something amazing.

    “I am frequently approached, whether it be on the sand, dirty and sunburnt, or dressed formally and attending a Royal event, by members of the events, the guides or the community, who comment how wonderful our students are. It’s something I always share with the students as we really do have an exceptional calibre of students at the College.

    Students who attended the address were: Jena Smith (Year 10). Alexandra Shatilova (Year 10), Shane Strydom (Year 11), Tom Kerrigan (Year 10), Emma Josey (Year 12), Nathan Griffin (Year 10), Rebekah Bowen (Year 11), Wade Cubbin (Year 9) and Chiara Pyne (Year 10)

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