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Year 3 Sleep Over

On Friday 22 August, the intrepid Year 3 students and their daring teachers were involved in the annual Year 3 Sleepover at Saint Stephen’s College. Although we were greeted by a cool and rainy day, that didn’t dampen the spirits of the Year 3 students as they busied themselves with a variety of fun activities. Being allowed to come to school in free dress certainly added to the excitement of the day!

The students participated in a ‘Giggle Poetry Workshop’ which was run by ‘Miss Helen’, guest author and children’s poetry writer, Helen Ross. The students listened to a variety of poems, wrote some poems with Miss Helen and wrote some poems of their own. This workshop linked perfectly to the Poetry Unit we have been studying in English this term. It was wonderful to listen to the students answer Miss Helen’s questions about poetry, demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of the topic.

The next activity saw the children make a Worry Doll. We introduced the activity by reading a book by Anthony Browne, called ‘Silly Billy’. This book is about a little boy named Billy, who worries about everything! One night, Billy has a sleepover at his grandmother’s house and he is so anxious about the sleepover that he can’t sleep. His grandmother makes a Worry Doll for him. Billy tells all of his worries to the Worry Doll and then puts the doll under his pillow. The Worry Doll does the worrying for him. Billy is able to sleep like a log! We wanted to pass on same this message to the Year 3 students who may have had some anxiety about sleeping over at school. To their credit, they openly received the message and those children who were a little bit worried, certainly put their faith in the Worry Dolls.

Some of the children were challenged by the skills needed for this activity. Following of instructions, watching carefully, winding the wool and tying of the knots gave them some much-needed practise in the area of persistence! It was great to see so many wonderful Worry Dolls being carried around throughout the day and later on, being put under their pillows at bedtime.

After showering, the students participated in Year 3 Idol. What a showcase of talent we had! The confidence of these young children continues to amaze us year after year. With their tummies full of pizza, poppers, biscuits, lollies, popcorn and milk, they climbed into their warm sleeping bags and watched a movie. This soon saw a few tired little people fall fast asleep (although it took everyone else a little longer and another movie!). Then it was up bright and early the next morning to pack up, eat breakfast - consisting of pikelets, cereal and chocolate milk - and then get ready to be picked up by their parents.

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