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Our Philosophy and History

Saint Stephen's College is a learning community centred on Christian principles. We strive to develop self-directed, determined, courageous and skilful young men and women of substance who will make a positive difference to their communities now and in the future.

The College community values maturity and integrity as the hallmarks of character-based leadership. Saint Stephen's College opened to students on 1 February 1996 with a blessing and dedication ceremony. In its first year of operation the College welcomed 166 founding students from Preparatory to Year 7.

Saint Stephen’s College was the first school of the Anglican Catholic Church in Australia. The Founders of the College included The Right Reverand Albert N Haley, Father Michael Irvine, Michael Yarwood, Councillor Lex Bell, Lester Hughes and Bob Greasley. The founding Headmaster was Brian Rowe. The College is now a Christian Inter-denominational school.

Saint Stephen’s College Prayer

Almighty and Everlasting God.

We pray there exists in our College an atmosphere of love and care 
amongst all who teach and learn.

May there always be at Saint Stephen’s College, a desire 
to love that which is worth loving, to know that which is worth knowing, to hold high that which is most precious to thee, and to dislike that which is evil in thine eyes.

Grant that Saint Stephen’s College may be a home of fellowship and brotherhood, culture and learning, and that all who pass through these doors may ever be witness
 to God our strength, excellence our pursuit.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen

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Saint Stephen’s College Hymn

Ne’er Be Still


May our light forever beckon,
dance and ne’er be still.

In the darkness shadows cast,
Our lamp to shine His will.

Verse 1

Fill our lives O Lord we pray, fill every part with praise

 That we may witness Jesus’ life in all our daily ways.


Verse 2

May we be like Stephen, Lord, prepared to stand by you

 And excellence be our pursuit, Our strength in God be true.


Verse 3

Within these walls may ears awaken
and eyes be prompt to see
The will of God in all we do for self, for school, for Thee.


Rowe/Cochrane 1997