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Pastoral care

Pastoral care is at the core of the positive learning experience that Saint Stephen’s College students enjoy. Pastoral care is all about building quality relationships, nurturing the hopes and dreams of our students and providing a safe and supportive environment where every student’s learning can flourish. Saint Stephen’s College has a comprehensive and dedicated pastoral care programme that provides students with opportunities to discuss and explore issues relating to their own lives and the lives of others in the wider community. In the Junior College, the students from Prep through to Year 6 participate in Circle Solutions, which support the of building healthy relationships, resilience and responsibility. Circles promotes a positive environment for learning and underpins school and student wellbeing. Circle Solutions is the framework for our pastoral care programme which also incorporates other targeted areas, including:

• Relationships and Sexuality Education

• Resilience

• Personal Safety

• Leadership

• Transition to the Secondary College

• Life Education

• Identity

• Emotional Intelligence

At Saint Stephen’s College we believe that every staff member is a teacher of pastoral care, both teaching and axillary staff. Our team is dedicated to encouraging and guiding students to learn new skills, develop a greater sense of self and others, to establish friendships and to have fun. In addition to the pastoral care programme, we also offer other programmes to help support the individual growth of our students, including:

• Seasons for Growth is programme that supports students with change, loss and grief associated with death, family breakdown, or any other form of separation

• Secret Agent Society supports students who often find it difficult to understand their own emotions and those of others, to express their feelings in appropriate ways and have trouble making friends. The Secret Agent Society (SAS) social skills program creates a fun, non-threatening environment in which students can learn the skills they need to become happy, well-adjusted and valued members of our society

• Resilience for Parents and Kids is aimed to support our parent body here at the College. Parenting is the hardest job there is and at Saint Stephen’s College we look to use the expertise of parenting experts, staff and other parents to provide a reciprocal resilience course for parents to add new skills to their parenting toolkit.

The pastoral care team is proud of the way we put our words into action every day, reinforcing our commitment to the personal wellbeing and success of all of our students.