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Years 11 and 12


Welcome to Credentials!

The Saint Stephen’s College Credentials Program guides and supports students through Years 11 and 12.

Students are encouraged to pursue academic excellence and are challenged to reflect on the development of their personal character.

Opportunities are provided within the College and in the broader community to enhance leadership skills. This assists students in preparing for their future endeavours.

Credentials Curriculum

The Saint Stephen’s College Credentials Program offers a range of learning options that cater for the diverse needs and aspirations of our students. The learning options available to students in Year 11 and 12 include traditional academic pathways, university subjects, vocational education and workplace training.

The Credentials team works with each student in Year 11 and 12 to design a personal pathway that meets their interests, abilities and academic development.

Year 12 results (2015)

Congratulations to two students who achieved an OP1 in 2015; Joseph Golden and Claire Wells. This is an outstanding achievement and I enjoyed congratulating them in person at the Year 12 Investiture.

Four more students received an OP1 equivalent due to university bonus ranks which are awarded for successful study of Japanese, Spanish and/or Mathematics C in Years 11 and 12. These students were Alexandria Dare, Anastassia Demeshko, Shon Mori and Crystal Wang. This means that 6 of the 2015 cohort enter university with a score equal to an OP1. VET stands for Vocational Education and Training and if you would like to know more about this pathway, please see David Bear, the College’s Careers Advisor. In 2015, 9 students received a Diploma. This is a tertiary qualification and gives these students an equivalent OP9 and in some cases, an OP7. 18 students earned a Certificate III and this gives these students an equivalent OP12. All of these students can use these qualifications across Australia to move straight into the workforce or go to university.

100% of students from 2015 who applied to go to university have already been made an offer. 82% of these students have been offered their first or second preference; they are allowed six preferences – courses they can select from. Our Careers Advisor, David Bear advises students to make their first and second preference their dream courses, so this is good news for a lot of students. There was a second round of offers in early February.

A holistic education

The Credentials Program provides support and guidance across all areas of students’ holistic education.

In addition to academic studies, students in the Credentials Program have many opportunities to participate in sports, music, theatre and inter-school co-curricular competitions such as debating, public speaking and chess.

There are also many opportunities for students in the Credentials Program to participate in The Goda Foundation leadership and community programs.

Leadership opportunities

Leadership opportunities at the College include traditional College Captain and Prefect appointments, as well as specific portfolio positions in the areas of international, academic, sport, cultural and chapel captaincy positions.


Year 11 and 12 students at Saint Stephen’s College choose to be either OP-eligible or OP-ineligible. OP-eligible students must study at least five ‘Authority’ subjects and sit the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) tests in August and September. In 2011, 96 per cent of all eligible students at Saint Stephen’s College received a first-round higher education offer from the Queensland Tertiary Application Centre (QTAC). Students may choose a combination of the following study pathways:

OP (‘Authority’) subjects

The Queensland Studies Authority (QSA) offers a range of accredited ‘Authority’ subjects for students throughout Queensland who wish to gain an Overall Position (OP) score.

Academic achievements in these subjects are recorded on the Senior Certificate, are used in the calculation of OP scores and Selection Ranks and contribute points to the QCE.

Non-OP (‘Authority-registered’) subjects

‘Authority-registered’ subjects are devised by the school from Study Area Specifications (SAS).

These subjects form a study plan that is accredited by the Queensland Studies Authority (QSA). Authority-registered subjects emphasise practical skills and knowledge relevant to specific industries. The authority-registered subjects available at Saint Stephen’s College include English Communication and Prevocational Mathematics. Achievements in these subjects are recorded on the Senior Statement and are not used in the calculation of an OP score but may be used in the calculation of a Selection Rank.

These subjects contribute to the QCE and meet the literacy and numeracy requirements of the QCE.

Vocational education and training (VET) courses

The College is able to offer vocational education and training (VET) opportunities to students through strategic partnerships with registered training organisations.

VET courses are based on industry-endorsed competency standards. Students who complete Certificate courses of level 3 and above are eligible to apply to QTAC to have their qualifications added to their QTAC application. This allows them to receive recognition for their Certificate in the form of a rank score, which may then be used to apply for entry into tertiary courses (on the condition that all other prerequisites for the particular course are met).

Achievements in these courses are recorded on the Senior Statement and contribute to the QCE. The modules are recognised within the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF), and this may give advanced standing or credit towards a higher-level courses at TAFE institutes.

School-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SATs)

School-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SATs) allow students to undertake a combination of school and paid employment while working towards completing a nationally recognised qualification. SATs are available to students in either the Rank or OP Pathways. Achievements in these courses contribute towards the QCE.

University subjects

Students in Year 11 or 12 (usually Year 12) have opportunities to study university subjects at a range of universities. Achievements in university subjects contribute towards the QCE and highlights potential, desirable students to universities.

Year 11 Leadership Camp, Bunya Mountains

The Year 11 Leadership Camp is an opportunity for all students in Year 11 to spend time reflecting on their individual strengths, developing an understanding of different personalities and learning how to work effectively as a leadership team.

The week featured presentations from Graham Hyman, a very experienced speaker who specialises in school leadership, a number of personal development workshops delivered by College teachers, and a celebratory ‘Mock Formal’ dinner on the final night.

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