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Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert – Miss Michaela Mulrine

The Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) program runs across 83 countries bringing together educators who are passionate about engaging and empowering students through the successful integration of digital technology. A self-nomination process, educators are selected for the exceptional teaching and learning programs they deliver.
As a College we applaud the five MIEES that will join the class of 2020/2021, celebrating the great work we are doing in the use of technology and innovative practice that is at the heart of Saint Stephen’s College.
As one of five teachers from the College, Miss Michaela Mulrine, Year 5 teacher, shares what it means to her.
“I feel so lucky to work in a College that facilitates such an incredible, award winning e-learning program. Together we provide engaging, interactive and progressive learning experiences that not only meet the unique needs of our students, but also prepare them for a dynamic and digitally-based future. As a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE), I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate with innovative educators from around the globe and right here at Saint Stephen’s College. I look forward to sharing my learning, ideas and inspiration with my colleagues but most importantly, as a MIEE, I hope look forward most to the ways in which I can enhance learning experiences for my students and how I can inspire them to meet their potential in creative and innovative ways.”