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Welcome to Saint Stephen’s College

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to Saint Stephen’s College. I have only just started in the role of Principal at this multi award-winning school and already I have been blown away by the down-to-earth, can-do attitude of both the staff and the students. Not only are they passionate about their school, but they are also friendly, warm-hearted and caring.

In every interaction I have had in my short time here I have been impressed by the professional, nurturing nature of the staff and the hard-working, engaged and happy students. They take advantage of the myriad of opportunities with enthusiasm. As you walk around the school you will tune in to the hum of active learning, coupled with the joy of heartfelt laughter.

This is not surprising, given the world-class facilities and high standard of teaching – supporting every student to be the best they can be as they strive to live out our values of maturity and integrity whilst having fun on the learning journey.

Thanks to the characteristics already highlighted, Saint Stephen’s College has again been included on The Educator’s national list of schools at the cutting edge of change and innovation in Australia. Whilst we are ahead of the game in innovative practices, teachers continue to ensure that students’ skills and knowledge in numeracy and literacy are at the core of all that we do.

I look forward to welcoming you to come and feel the heartbeat of Saint Stephen’s College on a guided tour of the school where you can meet our community and see the facilities for yourself.

In conclusion I share with you a few lines from our school prayer:

May there always be at Saint Stephen’s College a desire
to love that which is worth loving,
to know that which is worth knowing,
to hold high that which is most precious to thee.