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Uniform Bookshop
Located Western Carpark
College Map: Building No. 10

The Uniform Bookshop stocks all uniform items from Prep to Year 12.  Price lists are displayed at the Uniform Bookshop and are available at the bottom of the page. Students are required to come to the shop to be fitted for any new uniform to ensure they will be correctly worn.

If you would like fittings in January 2024.  Please click on the link below for appointments only for Monday 08 January – Friday 19 January 2024:-

Schedule for Uniform Fittings (

Bookings are required for all uniform fittings.

If you make an error or you would like to change your booking, please email:-

The Uniform Bookshop will be fully stocked unless we experience shipping delays.  The shop also supplies a wide range of second-hand uniforms, which is generally half the price of our current new stock.  This stock cannot be exchanged and is non-refundable.

New students to the College are required to come to the shop to be fitted to ensure they will be correctly worn.

Payment options are cash, EFTPOS,  credit card.

Flexi-schools online Uniform orders

We have an online uniform ordering service for students that have joined the College.  We suggest a new student should try our uniform for fittings initially as all designs and suppliers vary in sizes.

Uniform orders are available at:
Simply select ‘Order now’, go to ‘Online ordering’ and make your selections.

Stationery Supplies 2024 Prep to Year 6

Stationery for each year level will be delivered in bulk directly to the classroom and stored there for easy access throughout the year.

Stationery Lists 2024 Year 7 to Year 12

Stationery is now available to order via Network Educational Australia via this link:-


Go to and select ‘BOOKLISTS’.

Log in to your school using the following:

Username: ststephens

Password: clever

Text Book and online External Resources Rental Charge Year 7 to Year 12

A rental deposit charge of $100 is required for every student in Year 7-12.  This deposit is refundable when the student leaves the College and returns their text books.  Text books and online external resources are available for every senior student.  Text book rental charges are paid yearly and a proportional total is charged at the Uniform Bookshop when a new student joins the College throughout the year.



Uniform Price List Preschool
Uniform Price List Years 1 – 3
Uniform Price List Years 4 – 9
Uniform Price List Years 10 – 12
Uniform Price List Specialised Sports

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday

  • 7.45am – 12 noon
  • 1pm – 3pm


  • 7.45am – 12 noon

Please contact the Uniform Bookshop for a Uniform Fitting on +61 7 5573 8640