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The Saint Stephen’s College LOTE Centre is an Award Winning learning space for all students undertaking foreign language studies at the College and a part of the Saint Stephen’s community language program. The building boasts modern infrastructure with lecture style and traditional classroom layouts complemented with the latest whiteboard and computer technology. The centre offers comfortable common areas for group or private study and two computer labs to supplement classroom learning.

We have great pleasure in offering foreign language courses to our Saint Stephen’s students, parents and community. Foreign Language study in Australia is often limited to high school and university students and we would like to offer this opportunity to the broader community.

Today we live in a fast-paced world where having a global perspective is advantageous economically, politically and socially. Through the study of foreign languages, a different perspective on life is learned through language and new cultural experiences. The Foreign Language Centre allows students to learn a foreign language in a dynamic and fun way through the use of information technologies such as video conferencing, podcasting and interactive language software.

Subject to numbers, we offer languages including; Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.