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Saint Stephen’s College continues to sets new standards for technology in education.

The Team Projects, Science-in-Action, Learning Enhancement and Applied Arts and Science precinct has been designed to promote the personalisation of learning as well as collaboration and communication. The precinct incorporates a ‘space age’ discussion booth, touch screens, state-of-the-art science labs, separate media scape spaces, layered seating and a vibrant colour scheme have been combined to deliver a world-class learning precinct. The built environment at the College blends with the way teachers and other staff facilitate learning. This includes the use of analytics, laptops and the development of a rich Learning Management System.

Science-in-Action is an ultra-modern facility that caters for Junior and Senior students and includes;

  • Three senior labs, which have recording devices that allow students to record and project experiments they are performing
  • Two junior labs that have a movable wall and work benches that allow for a flexible configuration and the ability to have up to 55 students involved in practicals at any one time
  • Lecture theatre able to seat 55 that allows teachers to provide practical demonstrations to a large group of students
  • Physics labs
  • Gallery or large collaborative learning area that allows smaller groups of students to work on projects and practicals. It contains screens that can display relevant recordings


Team Projects is a futuristic digital facility developed in response to the latest education and technology integration research.  It comprises three digital learning spaces that include;

  • DS1 is the main space and offers three (two fixed and one portable) separate media scape spaces allowing up to six devices to share, generate and access content and knowledge on dual screens. Layered seating accommodates 14 students
  • DS2 and DS3 spaces have Samsung overlay touch monitors and analogue boards. The touch overlays allow students and teachers to access the school portal directly from the touch screen, as well as an annotation option to write on a conventional whiteboard. Users can add their personal device to display content for a greater interactive, collaborative experience
  • Steelcase furniture throughout allows students and teachers to work in a versatile area, with movable and adjustable furniture enabling the learning space to accommodate individual needs



Learning Enhancement allows teachers to work with students on a personalised level and encourages students to reach their personal best and includes;

  • Contemporary group meeting spaces with access to digital technology