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The Educator’s annual Hot List – Mr Iain Taylor

Head of Science, Mr Iain Taylor is a trailblazer when it comes to promoting the spirit of scientific inquiry, championing innovative learning, and promoting science in action, so it is no surprise that he is one of the four teachers named in The Educator’s annual Hot List which recognises and celebrates professionals who represent the cutting edge of educational excellence in Australia.
Mr Taylor leverages the College’s Learning Management System to deliver online blended-learning opportunities for students and constantly works with the eLearning Department to fine-tune the Science LMS courses. He also ensures that teachers cater for individual student needs, with the use of such tools as 3D TV and VR headsets to spark imagination and wonder. Problem solving, testing and experimenting within real-world contexts are foundation stones laid by Mr Taylor in the Science faculty.
Mr Taylor has been pivotal in promoting the development of hands-on and engaging STEAM-based activities across the College, including the Science Show and STEAM work for team projects. In 2019 he led a group of our Senior students to China, to take part in the first worldwide pilot of the Chinese person to person Youth STEM exchange, which saw the group visiting nine schools in four districts of China and delivering the Saint Stephen’s College Science show and two additional workshops to over 2,500 students.
Well done Iain!