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The Educator’s annual Hot List – Mrs Kerrie Soars

With four teachers on the The Educator’s annual Hot List which recognises and celebrates professionals who represent the cutting edge of educational excellence in Australia, today we share with you, Mrs Kerrie Soars, Junior College STEAM coordinator/Year 2 teacher.
Mrs Soars has been recognised for her high calibre of work and dedication in leading Saint Stephen’s College in its efforts to integrate STEAM-based units across the Junior College. The focus on STEAM being explicitly taught in the Junior College was her brainchild. The initiative involved reviewing the current programs in Mathematics, Science, Technology, and Art; and designing and adopting a STEAM curriculum for Prep to Year 6, through a design thinking approach. She also supported the upskilling of staff, so they can use new skills to enhance their teaching, not only STEAM tasks but all classroom teaching.
Overall, Mrs Soars’ influence in this area has led to high levels of student engagement; and empowered teachers to deliver high levels of critical and creative thinking skills within the students.
Congratulations Mrs Soars!