Senior College

Senior College

Creating an environment in which each child can thrive and build their own unique future is central to the culture at Saint Stephen’s College. Our philosophy in Senior College is based on the understanding that students of different ages have their own abilities and needs. Senior College offers three distinct programs within the curriculum, each designed to cater specifically for differing developmental periods. These programs are uniquely designed to best support the academic success, faith development and emotional well-being of each student as they work towards their goals. 

Our teaching team takes a personal interest in the progress of every child and programs are structured to support individual development from year to year. Each stage of the Senior School is a building block which equips students with the confidence and tools to advance through their academic pathway, build their own unique future and be the leaders of the next generation.

Years 7 and 8 Connections Program

The transition to Senior College is a significant event in a child’s education. The Saint Stephen’s College Connections Program is designed to meet the specific academic, social and emotional needs of the emerging adolescent in Years 7 and 8. During these years, a focus is placed on creating an environment and academic program that encourages and supports the intellectual, physical, spiritual, social and psychological growth of each student. Teachers in the Connections Program have a genuine commitment to supporting young students on the journey to discovering who they are and how they relate to the world, by providing the necessary guidance and boundaries required to foster positive decision-making. The aim is to empower students to confidently transition to the greater independence required as they progress through their Senior School years and facilitate an environment in which they can connect to their peers and teachers in a positive way, while developing a love of learning.

Years 9 and 10 Experiences Program

The Saint Stephen’s College Experiences Program supports students through Years 9 and 10 by offering them the opportunity to start exploring a range of subjects of their choice so they can begin considering where their interests and aptitudes lie. Students are introduced to new and exciting subject offerings and academic routines, undertaking more intensive studies across a range of options and make personal selections from a suite of electives.

Teachers guide students as they discover and consider the study and career pathways available to them. The aim is to provide a flexible array of subject choices and education pathways that build a strong foundation of skills for lifelong learning, while continuing to foster the personal and spiritual development of each student.

Years 11 and 12 Credentials Program

The Saint Stephen’s College Credentials Program guides students through Years 11 and 12. The Program provides flexible pathways that inspire and challenge students while they complete their school journey. A range of learning options is offered that cater for the diverse needs and aspirations of our students including traditional academic pathways, university subjects, vocational education and workplace training. Each of these is designed to connect students to life after school, making the transition as clear and smooth as possible.

As part of this unique Program, students are also challenged to reflect on the development of their personal and moral character to prepare them for the challenges they will face as young adults. Opportunities are provided within the College and in the broader community to enhance leadership skills and build relationships to assist students in preparing for their future endeavours.

QCE and Pathways

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