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Welcome to ‘The Secret Garden’

Saint Stephen’s College’s on-campus Child Care Centre

At ‘The Secret Garden’, we focus on helping children to grow and blossom into happy, confident, well-educated and well-balanced individuals.

We are a purposefully limited-place Centre, which means your child will be a part of a close community, where everyone knows them, they receive personalised care and feel secure and supported. This creates an ideal foundation for young learners to develop and grow.

Our highly experienced and qualified early learning educators take a holistic approach to nurturing the development of the children in our care. We communicate with parents each day to keep them informed of progress and achievements, and support each child’s development through a negotiated Emergent Curriculum where children and families can influence our program.

Being part of the College campus, children who attend the Centre have the opportunity to participate in activities within the College and get to know students and teachers. These experiences build familiarity, confidence and belonging which greatly contributes to a positive transition to school.

We believe that it takes a community to raise a child and we feel very privileged to help nurture each child in partnership with their family.