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Short stay students can experience Saint Stephen’s College life for as little as one day or up to three months. Students participate in academic, sporting and cultural learning experiences.

Short stay programs focus on experiencing life in a Saint Stephen’s College classroom, learning about Australian culture and, most importantly, making Australian friends.

Many students return to Saint Stephen’s College year after year to enjoy many short stay experiences.

A message from one of our short-stay visitor’s, Eldon Chiu
Saint Stephen’s College is a “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (yeah, I watched the musical).  Did I spell the word correctly?  No words can even comprehend how nice this place is.

First this place is absolutely massive.  It’s got basketball courts, cricket pitches, science labs, all that fancy stuff.  It is a great environment to learn in and it’s a pleasure to actually have the chance.  However, the campus is so huge that I actually got lost a few times trying to figure out where to go.  It is embarrassing but I am sure lots of people had the same experience as I do, this just shows how big your school is compared to mine.  If my school was an ant; yours would be an elephant.  We can’t really play sports in our school, we would have to walk to the nearest sports stadium, book the court, carry the equipment and play.  By the time we finish that, we have probably lost about an hour or so.

Secondly the variety of the lessons is also a big advantage.  Since Australia is one of, if not the most, ethnically and linguistically diverse nation, it offers a wide range of opportunities to learn foreign languages such as Japanese and Spanish.  I have never learned these (I am learning German back in HK) so it bought new challenges which is fantastic.  Also, starting from Year 7, I presume students could have more subjects which I would like to have back in Hong Kong.

 Last but not least, the students and teachers here are nice and friendly.  Even though I am only here for a few weeks, the teachers are still willing to help me when I have things that I don’t understand.  Even back in Hong Kong, I am a person who is being ignored and disrespected.  I probably mastered the art of standing still, so still that practically no one could see me.  However, here, at least I feel like someone notices and cares about me.