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Saint Stephen’s College school fees collection policy

School fees payment conditions:

1. Payment of school fees and other costs is required to be paid in full by the designated date (5 days after the commencement of each term, unless otherwise stated in writing).

2. The College will charge an administration fee of $55 (inc. GST). This fee is payable if school fees and other charges have not been finalised at the end of the term or no acceptable arrangements have been entered into by that time.

3. Overdue accounts, including those where agreements for payment have not been honoured, will result in a review of the student’s continuing enrolment at the College.

4. Default in payment of fees and other charges will render the parents liable to legal action for recovery of the unpaid fees or other charges.

5. A full school term’s notice in writing to the Headmaster is required of intention to withdraw a student from the school, otherwise a term’s tuition fee will be charged.

6. In the event that a student is asked to leave the College, all incurred fees and charges will be non-refundable and any outstanding fees and charges will be immediately payable.

7. Parents who are experiencing difficulties maintaining payment of fees and charges should contact the Headmaster through the College’s Commercial Manager.

8. All Year 11 students’ school fees accounts must be finalised before students are allowed to proceed into Year 12.
The College makes limited fee relief available to those parents experiencing financial hardship. Parents/guardians applying for fee relief must prove, at least on an annual basis, they are experiencing genuine financial hardship.


All students who wish to apply for a Saint Stephen’s College scholarship must first be accepted to sit the scholarship exam. Scholarship exams are usually held in April or May for the following year.

To apply, students must submit their application to sit the scholarship exam along with their $30 payment and any additional information that the College requests.

If you’re interested in applying for a Saint Stephen’s College scholarship, please contact the College.

Applications for 2018 scholarships will open shortly.