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Chinese New Year 2018

    Saint Stephen’s students celebrate the Year of the Dog with dumplings and lions

    Three dancing lions, drummers and 2500 home-made dumplings helped Saint Stephen’s College students ring in the Chinese New Year.

    College Executive Director of International Education, Sam Holmes, said parents and students had spent countless hours rolling dough, preparing fillings and cooking thousands of pork and vegetarian dumplings for students and staff.

    “We have about 80 students from China currently studying at Saint Stephen’s. This is a big day for them. In fact, it’s a colourful day of celebration for all our students, providing an opportunity to embrace and understand a different New Year tradition,” said Ms Holmes.

    “This year, for the Year of the Dog, we were entertained by lion dancers from the Mantis Kung Fu Academy. Many thanks to our Chinese parents, friends and students who were very busy making the most delicious dumplings. It was much appreciated by the staff and students from Years 4 to 12.”

    Here is how some of our students sum up Chinese New Year

    “The meaning of the spring festival to me is reunion and it is the most lively festival.” Cindy Xiao (Year 11)

    “The Chinese New Year is very important for me. It is not only the beginning of the new year, it is also for all families to get together.” Bob Li (Year 11)

    “Chinese New Year’s meaning for me is family reunion and speech old welcome. Every Chinese New Year in my family is very fun. All the family members will sit together and have dinner. All the kids will get money from the old persons. I love Chinese New Year so much.” Johnson Zhu (Year 9) “I love Chinese New Year. Because I am very happy on that day. I can eat dumplings, play fireworks, get money and have a big dinner on that day. Chinese New Year means a lot to Chinese people. It usually means holiday to me. But it also means reunion to me. I can have a big dinner and watch Spring Festival Gala with all of my family that includes my grandparents. It is usually quite a good time. I like Chinese New Year very much.” Owen Xu (Year 8) “As a Chinese, Chinese New Year is quite important for me. It means not only is it a holiday so that I can have a rest, but also quite a special dinner so everyone who always works away in my family can come back home together to spend a happy time with each other. During the Chinese New Year, I can meet my dear cousins who are from other cities. Chinese New Year is reunion. Chinese New Year is a big day for Chinese parents. On this day they can meet their dear children who work or study away for nearly a year. (some Chinese are always going out for working). In Chinese New Year, every wanderer should come home, so I truly want to go home too.” Teresa Cheng (Year 9)

    “Chinese New Year means a very special day to make every Chinese family together, to celebrate new year coming. Most of Chinese will go back to his hometown, to meet their family. Because many people work at other place. So, in New Year must be full of the love in every family. This is a time just for family. We make New Year's Eve dinner and have them together, the food in New Year's Eve must be the richest food, because people yearn for happiness with family. We talk and laugh in the dinner, because we all enjoy it. The children play the firecracker and fire work, so it's still very alive outside. The children can get a red packet from elder people, there have some money inside. So, it's also unforgettable for children. New Year is very happy and enjoyable.” Tony Siu (Year 9)

    “In China, I love New Year because we will have a long holiday and I can eat dinner with my family. I think is a happy time. New year is very popular and important day. In many countries, New Year's Eve is celebrated at evening social gatherings, where many people dance, eat, drink, and watch or light fireworks to mark the new year. Some Christians attend a watchnight service. The celebrations generally go on past midnight into New Year's Day. But in China, some Chinese people will return to their hometown and eat dinner together. Also, the children will have many red envelopes. Happy New Year to you” Emily Liu (Year 9)

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