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Creative writing workshops with author Morris Gleitzman

Year 7 students were recently treated with a special visit from one of their favourite writers, Morris Gleitzman!

The students had two sessions over the course of the day; one of them a creative writing workshop, which proved to be a huge success.

This is what Liam Felli wrote about the visit:

“The Year 7s got to meet the famous author Morris Gleitzman!

They were all very excited! During the first part of the visit the students got to hear about Morris’s books and his inspiration for Boy Overboard. He got the inspiration for this book from a family of refugees that were granted asylum from Afghanistan. In the second part of his visit the students wrote well-structured opening sentences. At the end of the day they had all learnt an important skill in writing a beginning to a story.”

Our Readers Cup team was also thrilled to meet the author of one of the books they are reading in preparation for the Gold Coast Regional competition in June. Year 9 student, Ethan Powell, was the lucky winner in our Loyal Creatures competition. Ethan received a personalised copy of Morris’ latest book, and had the opportunity to chat with one of his favourite authors. For fans of the Once series - Morris gave us the insider information that there will be a fifth book published this year – entitled Soon. So… Once is followed by Then and Now comes before After and Soon completes the series.

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