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Saint Stephen's Day 2012

Saint Stephen’s Day Term Three finished with another fantastic Saint Stephen’s Day. The day began as usual with the Sedes Honoris Award. These awards are presented to two students, one in Year 6 and the other in Year 12, who best represent the finest values of our College.

The recipients for the 2012 Sedes Honoris were Miss Alli Hayes (Year 6) and Miss Sarah Griffin (Year 12). These two young ladies have contributed a great deal to the College and were chosen amongst many other fine students for this particular honour.

Dash for wings The whole school gathered in the Centenary Quadrangle for the Dash for Wings. This event is always hotly contested and students literally run themselves to the point of exhaustion for the sake of their House

Tug o’War and Battle of the Bands The tug o’war was held in the middle of the day and was followed by the Battle of the Bands which gives our students an opportunity to let their hair down and show their musical talent in a less formal setting.

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