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Saint Stephen’s Day

One of the biggest days on our College calendar – a celebration of and reflection on our origins, beginnings and traditions.

On the last day of the third term students and staff are joined by parents, friends and Old Scholars, to celebrate the official opening of the front doors of ‘Flowerbank’, the original Firkins residence, which became known as Saint Stephen’s College on 18 September 1995.

On Saint Stephen’s Day, the Sedés Honoris (Seat of Honour) is awarded, the following year’s College Captains are announced and the College Houses (Bell, Haley, Hughes and Greasley) compete in the Dash for Wings, Tug o’ War and the Battle of the Bands.

Sedés Honoris

Awarded on Saint Stephen’s Day to a Junior and Senior student who best epitomises the spirit of Saint Stephen’s College. Their names are engraved on a small shield on the chair. The chair itself was chain-sawed from the trunk of a Queensland Blue Gum by foundation parent, Mr Bob Collins.

Dash for Wings

The ‘Dash’ is performed on Saint Stephen’s Day by a male and female representative from each of the four Houses in a timed, match-race format. The 300-metre course encompasses some of the picturesque parts of the College, including the multi-storey, sandstone-facade buildings and manicured quadrangle.

Enormous support abounds from the vocal student body as cheers go up from the verandas in an amphitheatre-style setting, which lends to the exciting spirit generated by all involved. It is a favourite event for students as they watch the ‘Dash’ competitors sprint around the obstacles to secure the impressive Wings Trophy. The tremendous spirit shown by all students in the ‘Dash for Wings’ typifies the overwhelming spirit of the College community and it is fitting that this be represented on Saint Stephen’s Day. As the College continues to establish its fine traditions, the ‘Dash for Wings’ remains a highlight on Saint Stephen’s Day in the College calendar and remembered fondly by Old Scholars as they reflect on their time at Saint Stephen’s College.

Final Chapel

Each year, the Final Chapel honours and blesses the graduating seniors. Each graduate is presented with a candle, representing the light of Christ and recognising that they are part of our community and as they graduate, they take their light into the world. The ceremony concludes with the whole school joining in to form a tunnel for the seniors as they leave, to honour and farewell them with the upmost respect.

All Hail

Established in 2003, All Hail is a tribute war cry delivered by the Year 11 students to the departing Year 12 cohort at their Final Chapel.

All Hail
Saint Stephen’s College All Hail
We are fellows
We will remember
That we are fellows
Admultos Anos

Interpretation of the ‘All Hail’

Saint Stephen’s College: Anyone who is or who has
ever been a student of Saint Stephen’s College
All Hail: All gather round.
We are fellows: We are all linked by the fact that
we all are or have been students of the College,
with similar shared experiences.
We will remember: No matter where we have
come from or where we are going, we will not forget.
That we are fellows: That we have those shared experiences,
we are a family of Saint Stephen’s College scholars.
Admultos Anos: For all eternity

College Prayer

Almighty and Everlasting God.

We pray there exists in our College an atmosphere of love and care 
amongst all who teach and learn.

May there always be at Saint Stephen’s College, a desire 
to love that which is worth loving, to know that which is worth knowing, to hold high that which is most precious to thee, and to dislike that which is evil in thine eyes.

Grant that Saint Stephen’s College may be a home of fellowship and brotherhood, culture and learning, and that all who pass through these doors may ever be witness
 to God our strength, excellence our pursuit.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen

Written by Brian Rowe, Foundation Headmaster

College Hymn

Ne’er Be Still
May our light forever beckon,
dance and ne’er be still.
In the darkness shadows cast,
Our lamp to shine His will.

Verse 1
Fill our lives O Lord we pray, fill every part with praise
That we may witness Jesus’ life in all our daily ways.

Verse 2
May we be like Stephen, Lord, prepared to stand by you
And excellence be our pursuit, Our strength in God be true.

Verse 3
Within these walls may ears awaken
and eyes be prompt to see
The will of God in all we do for self, for school, for Thee.

Lyrics by Brian Rowe, Foundation Headmaster
Music by Christine Cochrane, Foundation Head of Arts